• Smart Scan

    • Fastest – provides scan result within ~15 to ~60 sec.
    • Efficient – detects ~70 issues.
    • Lightest – less than 1MB in size.
       Please read the terms and conditions carefully before begining the scan.
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  • Smart Health Check

    • Provides option for free fix to resolve some of the issues identified through the health check
    • Provides option to solve advanced issues with the help of a Premium Support expert.
    • Check your PC for problems with your Operating system, network and browser configuration, hardware and peripheral devices and installed software
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  • Smart Assistant

    • PC Maintenance software is packed with features to keep your computer purring. Just download the software and watch as it gets to work.
    • Periodically checks your system health status to keep your computer up-to-date in security and performance.
    • Its comprehensive anti-virus scan detects and keeps pesky bugs at bay.
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